Sunday, April 16, 2017
# Items Specification
1 Veterinary medicine name General name:Mycoplasma Gallisepticum Vaccine,Inactivated
Trade name:RINBIO MS
2 Main Ingredient and content This product is an oil-adjuvant injectable emulsion against Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection in chickens.Mycoplasma gallisepticum CR strain and the thallus content before inactivated is ≥108.5 ccu/ml
3 Character Milky emulsion.
4 Function The product is used for prevention of chronic respiratory disease caused by chicken mycoplasma gallisepticum. The immune period is 6 months.
5 Usage and dosage
  • Subcutaneous injection on the backside of neck region.
  • 0.25ml for each chick within 40-day-old.
  • 0.5ml for each chick more than 40-day-old.
  • Inject once more before laying and 0.5ml for each layer.
6 Adverse reactions No adverse reaction.
7 Announcements
  • It should be regain to room temperature before injection and shake equally and thoroughly before using.
  • When neck subcutaneously injection, should not near the head and it is better for middle and below part.
  • The injected part should be strictly disinfected and change the syringe needles frequently.
  • The used vaccine bottle, equipment and the surplus vaccine should be disinfected.
8 Storage and validity Sealed stored in the dark between 2~8℃ for 12 months. Do not freeze.
9 Specifications 100ml/bottle; 250ml/bottle; 500ml/bottle.
10 Packaging 10bottles/box, 20bottles/box.
11 Approval number Veterinary (2011) 030382178.

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