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1 Veterinary medicine name ND+IBD
2 Description This product is an oil-adjuvant injectable emulsion against Newcastle Disease (ND) and Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) in chickens. Allantoic fluid per 0.1 ml contains at least 108.0 EID50 of live ND virus strain La Sota and cell cultures per 0.2ml contains at least 107.0 TCID50 of live IBD virus strain BJQ902 before inactivation.
3 Indications This product is used for active immunization of healthy chickens against ND and IBD. After vaccination, the antibody level of ND and IBD culminates in 21 days and 28 days, respectively. The immune protective period is 100 days for chickling, and 12 months in ND and 6~8 months in IBD for adult chickens.
4 Administration The vaccine can be administered by injecting 0.5ml subcutaneously for each bird within 60-day-old and by injecting 1.0ml for each breeder chicken at 120-day-old.
5 Precautions
  • Do not freeze the vaccine, and froze vaccine cannot be used.
  • The temperature of vaccine should be regain to room temperature and the vaccine should be shake equally thoroughly before use.
  • Vaccinated part and vaccination equipments should be disinfected before vaccination.
  • Vaccine should be used up within 24 hours after being unsealed.
  • The used vaccine bottle and the surplus vaccine should be disinfected.
  • Wash and disinfect hands and equipments after vaccinating.
6 Vaccination reaction Vaccination with this product does generally not induce reaction to chickens and is dependent on the health and condition of the birds. Good hygiene and management are also important factors in order to minimize vaccine reactions.
7 Withdrawal period: Vaccinated with this product, broiler cannot be butchered within 21 days, while egg-laying chickens cannot be butchered within 42 days.
8 Storage and validity Stored in the dark between 2℃ and 8℃ for 12 months. Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of children.
9 Packing Plastic bottle, 250ml/bottle, 500 doses/bottle, 40 bottles/box.

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