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1 Veterinary medicine name ND+IB+AI
2 Description The product is an oil-adjuvant injectable emulsion against Newcastle Disease,infectious Bronchitis and Avian Influenza(H9 subtype) in chickens. The viral chick embryo liquid per 0.1ml contains at least 108.0EID50 of the strain La Sota of live ND virus, 106.0EID50 of the strain M41 of live IB virus, 107.0EID50 of Avian Influenza(H9 subtype) virus before inactivation.
3 Indications The product is used for active immunization of healthy chickens against Newcastle Disease infectious Bronchitis and Avian Influenza(H9 subtype) in chickens. The immune protective period is 2 months for chickens younger than 4 weeks old, 3 months for young chickens older than 4 weeks old and 4 months for adult chickens.
4 Administration The vaccine is injected subcutaneously at cervical part or intramuscularly with 0.2ml for each chicken younger than 2 weeks old,0.3ml for each chicken between 2 weeks and 4 weeks old and 0.5ml for each young chicken and each adult chicken older than 4 weeks old,and for each adult chicken
5 Precautions
  • Vaccinate healthy chickens only. The vaccine should be not used for thin and weak chickens and other morbid chickens.
  • The vaccine should be carefully examined before use and can not be used if it is found demulsification and mixed with foreign matter, etc.
  • The temperature of vaccine should be regain to room temperature and the vaccine should be shake equally thoroughly before use.
6 Vaccination reaction Vaccination with RINBIO ND+IB+AI does generally not induce reaction to chickens and is dependent on the health and condition of the birds. Keeping good hygiene and management is also important in order to minimize vaccine reactions.
7 Withdrawal period: 0 days.
8 Storage and validity Stored in the dark between 2℃ and 8℃ for 12 months. Do not freeze.
9 Packing Plastic bottle of 100,250ml and 500 ml,and in box of 20,40 bottles.

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