Monday, April 17, 2017
# Items Specification
1 Veterinary medicine name General name:Marek’s Disease Herpes Virus of Turkey Thermo-stable Live,Vaccine
Trade name: BIOTOP Marek's
2 Main Ingredient and content This product contains Marek's disease turkey herpes virus FC-126 strain,each dose contains plaque number ≥2000PFU.
3 Character This product is ivory loose spongy block, easy to separate from the bottle wall, quickly dissolve after adding the diluent.
4 Function This product is used for 1 day chick to prevent Marek’s disease.
5 Usage and dosage According to the dosage on the label,add the special supporting diluent to dilute the vaccine. Each chick can be muscle or subcutaneous injected 0.2ml (including 2000PFU).
6 Adverse reactions No adverse reaction.
7 Announcements
  • The chick should be vaccinated immediately after getting out of the shell in the chicken house where Marek’s disease has happened.
  • The vaccine should be diluted only when usage,and by special supporting dilution.
  • Put the vaccine in a container with ice,used up in one hour.
8 Storage and validity Sealed storaged in 2-8 ℃ dark place for 24 months.
9 Specifications 500 doses/vial, 1000 doses/ vial, 1500 doses/ vial.
10 Packaging Controled glass vial. 10 vials/box.
11 Approval number Veterinary (2013) 030382075.

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