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# Items Specification
1 Veterinary medicine name General name: Avian Pox Vaccine, Live(Quail-Adapted Strain).
Trade name: BIOTOP AP.
2 Main Ingredient and content The vaccine contains per dose at least 103.0 EID50 of Avian Pox Mild virus(Quail-Adapted Strain).
3 Character Light yellow spongy block, diffluent after adding the diluent.
4 Function It is used for prevention of Avian Pox. The immunity period of adult chicken is 5 months and newborn chicks is 2 months.
5 Usage and dosage
  • Dilute the vaccine with saline according to the notated doses on the bottle label and different inoculating needle (10ml diluent : 500 doses ).
  • Vaccination site: subcutaneously inoculate on the inner side of chicken wings without blood vessel by inoculating needle dipped diluent vaccine.
  • -Inoculum dose:
    • 1 needle for chickens with 20-30 days old.
    • 2 needles for chickens more than 30 days old.
    • 1 needle after double the dose for chickens with 6-20 days old.
    • Vaccinate once again for replacement chickens after immunizing 60 days.
6 Adverse reactions There will be light swelling and incrustation on the vaccination site after inoculating 3-4 days and the incrustation block can be fallen off after 14-21 days.
7 Announcements
  • Only used under the guidance of veterinarian.
  • Vaccine should be stored in a cool and dark place and used up within 4 hours after dilution. The highest temperature of diluent for prepared vaccines should no more than 20 ℃.
  • It is successfully immunization if there will be light swelling and incrustation on the vaccination site after inoculating 3-4 days, otherwise it need vaccinated again. Generally, the incrustation block can be fallen off automatically after 2-3 weeks.
  • Wash and disinfect hands and equipment after vaccinating.
  • Prepare the vaccines fresh and use it up once opened.
  • Prevent from high temperature and sunlight during the delivery and storage.
  • The used vaccine vials, diluent vials, leftover vaccines and utensils should be subjected to disinfection treatment.
8 Storage and validity Stored in the dark place under -15℃ for 24 months. 2-8℃ for 12 months.
9 Specifications 100doses/vial, 200 doses/vial, 250 doses/vial , 300 doses/vial, 500 doses/vial; 1000 doses/ vial. 2000 doses/ vial.
10 Packaging Glass vial. 10 vials/box.
11 Approval number Veterinary (2011) 030382010.

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